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8 Ways how to breastfeeding good and right

  1. Before feeding, remove a little milk to grease nipple so that the baby smell the aroma and taste feeding.
  2. Feed the baby whenever he wants and for as long as he wants.
  3. When breastfeeding, put the baby in the lap such that the face and body facing the mother's breast. Straight position shall be unidirectional, from the ears, nose, and body. Chin on the breast.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position and straight, do not slouch. If necessary, prop the baby's body with a pillow. Mothers who have recently undergone childbirth by caesarean section need not worry because the baby is in the upper abdomen.
  5. If the baby is feeding on the left breast, put his head on the mother's elbow left arm. Free baby left arm toward the breast. Vice versa.
  6. siting breast by placing the thumb above the nipple mother and four fingers supporting the breast.
  7. After breastfeeding, the baby will release isapannya. Otherwise, remove the nipple by inserting the little finger of the mother to the baby's mouth through the corners of the mouth or press the baby's chin in order to open her lower lip. Do not immediately pull the nipple is too strong while they are inside the baby's mouth because it will make it blister.
  8. When the sore nipples, do an ice pack on the breast and keep breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, wipe droplets ASI for lubrication and protection. If using medicine physician, wipe the nipple with water or a soft wet washcloth each time you breastfeed.


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