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dragon fruit for pregnant women

The dragon fruit has been known by many people, in Asia alone a dragon fruit has been known in mainland China as one of the b uah for offerings at religious events. Typical forms on dragon fruit is easy to remember with red and like the scales of a dragon. The dragon fruit has many nutritional benefits for keehatan such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and particularly for pregnant women. In 100 grams of dragon fruit was nearly contains 60 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 2 grams protein, 1 gram fiber, sodium (Na) 60 milligrams of calcium (Ca) 6, 3 milligrams, phosphorus (P) 30.2 milligrams, iron (Fe) 0.55 mg, 0.297 milligrams of vitamin B3, vitamin C 8 milligrams and 0,005 milligrams of carotene. In addition dragon fruit has high antioxidant content sehigga we avoid free radicals and keep the immune system that are not easily hurt. Fiber is useful to prevent constipation and anemia Zab mencegar iron for pregnant women. And vitamin B3 to the fetus in formation da spinal nervous system development. Who does not love this dragon fruit that has an assortment of colors: red and white. In this article I will discuss about the benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women, someone who is pregnant is in need of nutrition and more nutrients and have certain benefits. This is because it is not only women who require nutritional intake and nutrition, but there is a fetus in the mother's womb.

Some benefits of dragon fruit for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women are advised to eat dragon fruit can be used directly or juice to drink every day in order to stay awake for pregnancy and smoothly at the time of delivery. Here are a few benefits of the red dragon fruit for pregnant women, such as:

Forming Red Blood Cells
In 100 grams of dragon nuah containing 0, 55 iron, iron is processed in the body to form red blood cells. Which can help prevent anemia. Moreover, pregnant women are prone to this anemia. Fetus in the womb of the mother was in need of nutrients and oxygen akam maximize growth. And contains folate, which also form red blood cells, if the lack of it is likely the baby will have neural tube defects or defects in nerves. So eating dragon fruit is good for the fetus and the mother.
Helpful to Increase Energy.
The content of carbohydrates in the dragon fruit is able to add energy when you're pregnant or become pregnant. In 100 grams of dragon fruit contained 14 grams of carbohydrates. Eat regularly can add energy to the mother.

Intestinal Function organize
Fibers contained in this dragon fruit can regulate bowel function properly named da avoid constipation during pregnancy

The bone formed fetus
The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women next step was to form bones and teeth in the fetus. Because it contains calcium which proved effective. It is no doubt for the benefit of this dragon is not it? Highly recommended for eating dragon fruit for pregnant women.


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