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How to Massage Baby Good and Right

Massaging the abdomen in infants can help improve digestion. Abdominal massage can be done in a circular motion from the top downwards through the stomach.

Then lift the baby's feet, bend and hit slowly toward the abdomen, along with it, as well kiss your feet feeling baby to get closer. Make a circular motion using both hands alternately clockwise. Starting from the right of the baby's mother and form a crescent.

Doing all the movement with the method of "I Love You". That is by massaging the baby's stomach downwards to the left by using the right hand fingers, forming the letter "I".

Then the movement "Love" by massaging the right to the left the baby's stomach, and then from the top to the bottom of the stomach to form the letter "L" upside down. After the massage from the bottom right to the top of the stomach, then to the left and ends at the bottom left of the baby. All these movements form the letter "U" upside down.

Massage on the face can be done by emphasizing the finger gently on the forehead, temples and cheeks. Use both thumbs to massage the top of the brow.
Then draw a line using the thumb of the nose up to the cheek. The area around the mouth can be massaged using both thumbs. Furthermore, a massage behind the ears continue toward the chin.

As for the chest can be done by placing both hands on the middle of the child's chest. Movement of hands up slowly, then leads to the outside of the body. Then proceed to massage crosses towards the shoulder.

On the legs and arms, a massage as the middle of cow's milk. Massage is performed starting from the shoulders up towards the wrist, then in the opposite direction. The surface of the palms and backs of the hands also should also massaged using thumb slowly. Then slowly pull the finger in a circular motion. The same thing applies when massaging the feet.

Finally on the back, the massage is done by placing the infant in the prone position. Use both hands to massage the baby's movements back and forth. Massage also began to neck until the baby's bottom with the palm of the hand slowly. Massage ends with a massage extending from the neck down to the feet with hands telapal.

To note that infant massage should be done on a regular basis in order to increase the emotional bond the child and his mother. During the massage takes place, should continued eye contact in order to create communication between children and parents to enhance the emotional bond the two. Strive also massage done in the morning after showering and before bed.

Preparation Massage
Before the massage, should be prepared all equipment. Ranging from towels, baby clothes, baby oil, baby lotion and baby diapers. Hands should also be clean and warm, fingernails must be cut short, and advised not to use jewelry so as not to scratch the baby's skin. Meanwhile, the massage should not be done when the baby is sick, sleep, shortly after a meal or in the condition of the baby is hungry.

Mother must sit as comfortable as possible and conducted in a room warm and not windy, keeps eye contact while massaging and dendangkan also soothing rhythms. If the baby is struggling or showed rejection reaction, you should stop before the massage.


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