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Pregnancy exercise 9 Month

Pregnancy is the most awaited by a married couple. While they await the prospective baby, they are plagued with problems. Ranging from pregnancy until the problem before delivery. Pregnancy someone basically aged around 9 months 10 days. Ahead of the figures, the couple certainly plagued by anxiety. Not only for the first child, the second child onwards but will certainly feel nervous before delivery. To mengatasai nervous problems and smoothness during childbirth, many mothers do gymnastics 9 months pregnant. This exercise is an exercise that many pregnant women are in demand today. They do this in order to smooth the process of childbirth later.
Gymnastics like this is easy to do. Even mothers can do it yourself at home. Movements in the 9 months of pregnancy exercise is only necessary during pregnancy dilakulan tread 9 months to impending labor.
Pregnancy exercise movements

1. Sit cross-legged
One of the movements that can be done is to sit cross-legged and both hands on the thigh. This position as the current position of yoga meditation. Then adjust the breath, inhale and slowly remove it. This movement can help mothers to train their breathing during labor later.

2. Position crawl

Another movement is, on all fours. After crawling, kempiskan belly and wrinkled anus. Perform this movement 8 times while doing gymnastics. Then the candidates pregnant women can also make a move to train straining during childbirth. His movements were a bit difficult, namely putting the head and neck on the floor on all fours. Then that should be done is to breathe with mouth open state, then shut up and do encouragement as straining during bowel movements.

3. Squatting

Another way that can be done during the 9 months of pregnancy exercise is to squat. Starting from standing up straight, then squat down slowly with his back still upright position. Hold the squat position for approximately 10 minutes then stood. This movement can strengthen the thigh muscles and stretch the pelvic muscles.

4. Pose butterfly

Other movements of this exercise is the butterfly pose. Quite easy. The mothers just have to sit on the floor. Then arrange a meeting in front of both feet as clapping then push your knees to the floor. Perform this movement repeatedly.

5. Walk

The last movement can try the prospective mother is walking. When the tread 9 months of gestation, the mothers who do a lot of this movement. Movement is very easy to do and quite a lot of benefits for childbirth later.


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