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These are some questions about the formula you need to know

Exclusive breastfeeding your child off, and continue drinking milk formula? These are some questions about the formula you need to know Mama:

Q: Is it safe product that has expired?
A: No. After the expiration date, some vitamin levels will decrease and the physical changes (color difference and fat 'separation').

Q: How long does the milk can be kept after opening?
A: The Liquid milk in cans can be stored up to 48 hours, if sealed and immediately entered a refrigerator. When inserted in a bottle, to be cooled and taken within 48 hours.
Milk powder placed inside the bottle should get in the refrigerator and drunk within 24 hours. The rest of the milk powder must be sealed and stored in a cool, dry place. Used about a month after it opened.

Q: How resistant bottle of milk out of the refrigerator?
A: The milk should be drunk within two hours or discarded wrote. Of possible contamination of germs, so the rest of the milk in the bottle should be discarded hour after administration.

Q: Is the rest of the milk needs to be heated again?
A: No. Once the baby is drinking milk from a bottle, the microorganisms from the mouth already 'get acquainted' with formula. If the rest of the milk included in the fridge and heated, these microorganisms are likely to proliferate. Therefore, the contents of each bottle with the right amount of milk for a drink.

Q: Should milk be frozen?
A: Absolutely not recommended! Despite the freezing process does not affect the nutritional quality or sterility, physical alteration of the components of milk may occur.

Q: Can the milk is heated with a microwave?
A: Microwave SHOULD NOT be used to heat your baby formula milk because of the danger of these fluids become too hot. During the process of heating with microwave, bottle may be kept warm. In fact, hot spots have sprung up in the formula. Milk formula heated in excess can cause serious burns to the infant.

source: international council formula


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