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Efficacy of rice Water for Healthy Babies

Efficacy of rice Water for Healthy Babies

Here are the benefits of water gruel for your baby. Although the actual starch water can not be used to replace breast milk, but there are benefits of water gruel for infants. Consider the following review:

Overcoming Dehydration due to diarrhea

water starch also containing glucose polymers that can facilitate the absorption of electrolytes. It is useful to treat dehydration caused by diarrhea in your baby and easy to be absorbed by the body.

Breast-milk Substitutes

In fact the position of breast milk can not be replaced by water starch as his successor. breast milk has a good role for the growth and development of the baby and never replaced. The function of the breast milk one of them is as anti-body to ward off germs at any time - can attack the baby. However, water use starch as a substitute for breast milk instead make obesity. This is caused by the high content of carbohydrates in the starch water.

adi, we can conclude THAT starch water has benefited the few and hardly for the baby. We recommend the use of breast milk at an early age is very important to support the growth and health, because of its content can not be replaced by water starch.


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